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 North Indian Food.




North Indian Food was first established in 2004 in Kawakawa. We are the only Indian takeaway in town after establishing a reputation for the top quality tasty Indian food with Natesh’s cooked to perfection butter chicken winning praise from customers all over Northland as well as visitors around the world. 


Natesh who is the head chef and the owner has a cooking experience from past 31 years fostering a childhood passion he had for sampling the many different styles of Indian cuisines on offer.


Indian food is a wonderful fusion between the country’s land and climate and the religious cultural and social lives of the people who live there. While each region has its own specialist dishes, Chefs will often inject their personalities into their food, resulting in unique taste sensations such as Natesh trademark butter chicken.


Indian curries are thousand of year’s old and all ethnic trends combine flavours and textures that are unique.


Natesh's passion for food and cooking is obvious. If you want to have a good curry, just love the food that you are making. He says if you cook the food with full of love then the presentation and flavour will come out beautiful.


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